February 7       Malvern Retreat House       2-4 pm

“Women Transformed by Love”

Learning from St. Catherine of  Siena

Women’s Tea- Click Here for Info for this exciting event!

  • Lina

    Saw the ewtn broadcast today. I too returned with 2 young children i 1985. Home schooled them. I want to tell you I and my mother read “Poem of Man God by Maria Valtorta 5 volumns” Started it in 1989. Our Lady in Medjegorie said to read it if you wish to know Jesus. It is so profound to teach us the Faith. It transformed us. Here I realized how important holiness of parents so needed for their children. So I chose not to seek another partner but to live a chaste single life. It gave me true freedom and joy in God. I read age appropiate passages to my children. Each time it had a profound effect on them.

  • Pam

    I saw the EWTN broadcast today too. You are a spiritual firecracker! Your story was so inspiring; thank you for sharing your heart. You are touching many souls.

  • Ginny

    Sawy you on EWTN yesterday and was very impressed with you and your story. Please update your web site so that I can join you in prayer!

  • Patty Berry

    Hi, saw you on journey home and I completely related to your story, looking forward to checking in here for any updates. Thanks,

    Patty in Largo, FLr