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Feb 21

Gospel of Matthew 28 Jesus' Resurrection

Day 28, Matthew 28 – Happy Day of Resurrection! 1st Sunday in LENT! Today is truly a day to celebrate!!  It is the day of the Lord’s rising from the dead!  And today is truly the day of our salvation! Today is also the last chapter in the Gospel according to Matthew!  There is ONE …

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Feb 20

Gospel of Matthew 27 Jesus' Crucifixion

Day 27, Matthew 27 – Good day today — Saturday a Day of Preparation!  I am so fired up that tomorrow will be the final chapter in the Gospel According to Matthew and we can celebrate because it will be Sunday and during Lent every Sunday is not part of the penitential season — ie every Sunday …

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Feb 19

Gospel of Matthew 26, Jesus-Betrayed-Arrested-Denied!

Day 26, Matthew 26 – LENT Day 3 Good Friday after Ash Wednesday everyone!!! How truly amazing is the HOLY SPIRIT — to have us end up on this chapter of Matthew on the first Friday in LENT!! Today begins the final Section of the Gospel according to Matthew… VII The Passion And Resurrection This …

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Feb 18

Gospel of Matthew 25, Jesus' Judgement of the Nations

Day 25, Matthew 25 –  Day 2 of Lent! Good day everyone!  I am so fired up!  Do you realize in three days we will have completed the Gospel according to  Matthew!  Way to go!!!  Whooo hoooo! Today is the last chapter of the section called “Jesus ministry in Judea and Jerusalem”.  After today we enter the …

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Feb 17

Gospel of Matthew 24, Jesus Talks Tribulation!

Day 24, Matthew 24 – TODAY IS THE 1st DAY IN THE HOLY SEASON OF LENT! ASH WEDNESDAY! You’ve made a decision to be here and I commend you for taking the time to TURN to our LORD on this HOLY DAY! TODAY is the day that we start over!  When you go to Mass …

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Feb 16

Gospel of Matthew 23, Jesus says WOE!

Day 23, Matthew 23 – Good Day Everyone! We are in our final countdown with only ONE day until LENT begins and we will be on our 40 day  journey with Jesus in the desert!  Guess what?   In the desert we can hear better and we learn to listen to every sound because we are not …

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Feb 15

Gospel of Matthew 22, Jesus in the Heart of Jerusalem

Day 22, Matthew 22 – Good day everyone! ONLY 2 Days left in the LENT Countdown and I hope you are getting fired up for some extraordinary grace! It is time to go into the desert with Jesus and it sure helps to stay there spiritually when you have your brothers and sisters in Christ …

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Feb 14

Gospel of Matthew 21, Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Day 21, Matthew 21 – Good day everyone! Happy Resurrection Day (6th Sunday in Ordinary Time) and Happy St. Valentine’s DAY! How wonderful to have the day of LOVE fall on the TRUE DAY of LOVE this year!!!  SUNDAY! We are going to talk about love today!!!  Because this journey through the Gospel is a …

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Feb 13

Gospel of Matthew 20, Jesus- Least is Greatest!

Day 20 – Matthew 20 Good day everyone!! OK 4 days left before we begin the HOLY SEASON OF LENT!  Don’t let this lent go by without a spiritual plan!  The laity are called now more than every to daily disciplines and spiritual habits — the grace is available during LENT! Spend the three days …

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Feb 12

Gosepel of Matthew 19, Jesus Ministry in Judea

Day 19 , Matthew 19- Good day everyone! With 5 days left before lent — make sure that you are thinking and praying about your spiritual plan — take the last three days and check my other blog postings coming soon on this same website!!!  We will continue this one chapter a day with only 9 …

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