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Mar 09

Gospel of Mark 16, Jesus' Resurrection

Day 44, Mark 16 Many Congratulations Everyone!  You have just completed your second account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! You should be so proud of this accomplishment and all Glory to God for allowing us to continue!  Whew!  The last few days were a challenge for me and I am sure you might have …

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Mar 08

Gospel of Mark 15, Jesus King of the Jews!

Day 43, Mark 15 Good Day Everyone! I am so fired up because we are in the second to last chapter of the Gospel according to Mark! What I really see is how things seem to speed up at the end!  I mean we have days of healings and ministry work — and we know …

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Mar 07

Gospel of Mark 14, Jesus' Anointing, Agony and Arrest

Day 42, Mark 14 Good Day Everyone!  Happy 3rd Sunday in Lent! I am posting this at 4:30 pm usual time is in the early hours of the morning so I pray that you read this in anticipation!!!! Get fired up because this  is one of the most passionate chapter writings I have seen yet!!!  …

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Mar 06

Gospel of Mark 13, Jesus says "WATCH"

Day 41, Mark 13 Good day everyone!  We’ve been Gospel Journeying now for over 40 days – many congratulations to you!  God’s grace be with you! We have turned the corner in the Gospel of Mark and we are heading with JESUS right up to Calvary!  Only three more chapters to go! I am so …

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Mar 05

Gospel of Mark 12, Jesus Teaches the Greatest Commandment!

Day 39, Mark 12 Good Day Everyone and here we are at another FIRST FRIDAY!!!! This the Only First Friday in LENT and then in HOLY WEEK we will have another First Friday — So Good Friday is in four weeks!!!  Get fired up! Remember the devotion to first Friday and first Saturday and click …

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Mar 04

Gospel of Mark 11, Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Day 39, Mark 11 Good day everyone!  Get Fired up because JESUS is “entering” in and shaking things up in Jerusalem! I see  three believable points in this chapter: House of Prayer Believe and Receive Rebelling against Authority 1- House of Prayer– Jesus enters Jerusalem and the Hosanna are flying — everyone is fired up …

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Mar 03

Gospel of Mark 10, Jesus Teaching How to Accept the Kingdom of GOD!

Day 37, Mark 10 HAPPY MEMORIAL OF SAINT KATHARINE DREXEL!!! I am so fired up today because she is one of my favorite saints!  She is a GREAT AMERICAN SAINT -born and raised in the USA- and of our time! Truly amazing — AND RIGHT HERE IN PHILADELPHIA! I have spent so much time at the …

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Mar 02

Gospel of Mark 9, Jesus' Power of Prayer

Day 37, Mark 9 Good Day everyone! Today we begin March and we are half way through the Gospel of Mark!  Many congratulations for completing Matthew and being half way through Mark! There are 28 day until Palm or Passion Sunday!  Today’s Gospel Chapter should get you fired up to get in the game and …

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Mar 01

Gospel of Mark 8, Jesus' Miracles

Day 36, Mark 8 Good day and we kick off the Month of March today! Time is moving on and so is the Gospel of Mark!  We have been in section II the Mystery of Jesus — and in the middle of this chapter we enter into section III Called, “The Mystery Begins to be …

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Feb 28

Gospel of Mark 7, Jesus Goes Inside!

Day 35, Mark 7 Hi Everyone and Happy 2nd Sunday of Lent! It is so great to have the Transfiguration as the Gospel — Good News today! I see three mountain top moments in this chapter: Tradition Not Contradiction  From Inside to Out Be Opened! 1- Tradition Not Contradiction — The main thing I see …

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