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Sep 24

Acts of the Apostles 14, The Power of WORDS!

Day 121, Acts 14 Today is all about WORDS!!!  The Power of words… the Power of the WORD! This has been a very full week, I’m sure for you as well!  As I write this I’ve spent the week in my position as director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center, speaking to women who want to have …

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Jun 11

Acts of the Apostles 13 – Saul Filled with the Holy Spirit = PAUL!

Day 120, Acts Good Day Everyone!  Today is the Solemnity of  The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus! Notice “THE MOST” in the title!  WOW HOW TRUE!!!! This day moves each year to always be on the second Friday in June — so as a result the Feast day for St. Barnabas gets trumped today – …

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Jun 07

Acts of the Apostles 12 – St. Peter Gets Out of Jail FREE!

Day 119, Acts 12 Praise the Lord we are off to a great new week — and WOW WHAT A CHAPTER!!!  Whooo hoooo!  Amazing that the last chapter ended with Barnabas and Saul being the ones the apostles put the care of the church in when they commissioned them to bring funds to relieve them …

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Jun 04

Acts of the Apostles 11 – Even the Gentiles are Baptized!

Day 118, Acts 11  WOW this chapter is so cool!  Yesterday in Chapter 10 we saw the scene as it took place!  The Holy Spirit saw fit to have St. Luke record St. Peter going back to Judea and report what took place! This is significant for a few reasons — we see the outer …

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Jun 03

Acts of the Apostles 10 – The Vision of Peter

Day 117, Acts 10 Good day everyone!  What a powerful day with Saint Peter today! Peter is in Joppa — but first we can see that this chapter is split into three things!!! 1- The Vision of Cornelius 2- The Vision of Peter 3- Peter’s Speech Don’t you just love it — when God blesses …

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May 22

Acts of the Apostles 9:23-43 Jesus' Powerful healing through Peter!

Day 116, Acts 9 Good day everyone!  Happy Feast Day of Saint Rita! She is the patron Saint of Forgiveness and don’t we need this in our lives now more than ever! Today we see Saul heading to Jerusalem because the Jews were now conspiring to kill him! The disciples had to take him down …

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May 21

Acts of the Apostles 9:1-22, Saul's Persecuting to Preaching!

Day 115, Acts 9 Good Day Everyone! Today we see Saul go from Persecuting Christians — breathing murderous threats against the disciples of the Lord — to CONVERSION!  How can this be? HE was after men and women and bringing them back to Jerusalem IN CHAINS!!! HE was on his way to Damascus — on …

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May 20

Acts of the Apostles 8:26 – 40 Philip and the Ethiopian

Day 114, Acts 8 Good Day Everyone! Today we see Philip moving from Samaria and head south!  Why? Because the angel of the Lord spoke to Philip  “Get up and head south on the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza, the desert route” Well known today as “The Gaza strip”  I saw it …

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May 19

Acts of the Apostles 8:4-25, Philip in Samaria!

Day 113, Acts 8 Good Day everyone!  Today we see the Holy Spirit really moving! Now we are on Section III The Mission in Judea and Samaria – and we see that those who had been scattered went about preaching the Word — Philip went down to the city of Samaria — now remember this …

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May 18

Acts of the Apostles 8:1-3 Persecution of the Church

Day 112, Acts 8 Good day everyone!  Today is the memorial of John I — the Pope and Martyr- he became Pope in 523 — Amazing that Blessed Pope John Paul II was born on this day May 18—   and most likely he was named John because he was born on the memorial of Pope …

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