Apr 28

Marie on EWTN’s the Journey Home Program


Watch Marie Joseph share her testimony tonight at 8:00 ET on EWTN’s The Journey Home Program hosted by Marcus Grodi.

  • Mary

    Just saw you on JH. How inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story and for the practical tips on how we help others discover the beauty of our faith.

    • Stephanie

      I watched your show finally that I had taped. It was wonderful. I am a 46 yr old “child” of divorce when my parents thru no fault of my mothers got divorced when I was 14. My mother remained chaste & formed a prayer group with other women who were doing the same. These women all focused on raising their children & not on dating & they’re love lives. My mother was a great example to us & I promise that you are to yours as well. I have also gotten fired up for Catholicism over the years & it continues to grow. May you & your family be blessed.

  • GaryLockhart

    Marie, just watched The Journey Home. Very interesting and inspiring journey that you had and continue to have, to say the least. Praise God that you have found your way home. May God abundantly bless you, your children and your vocation.

    Dominus vobiscum

  • John Ambs

    The Journey Home is one of my favorite programs, but somehow I missed this terrific show when it originally aired. Marie–you are simply awesome: you radiate Our Lord Jesus Christ. I just turned 50–a father of three–and so many people of my generation have lived/are living the life you described. I am so edified by your story. It really helps (IMHO) that you also have a terrific sense of humor. I just wanted to say that I’m glad I saw the program, and I’ll begin praying for you and your endeavors. I have a long commute, which I use to offer a daily rosary for my family and prayers for many others.
    Keep doing what your’re doing–you are truly an inspiration. God bless you.

    -John Ambs
    Westminster, MD

  • Beth

    Marie…your story on JH was so inspiring. I am also a cradle Catholic, who has recently come home…again. I feel very at peace right now, but am still searching for that passion for Jesus Christ. I really connected with what you said about making a daily prayer plan. Like you, I feel like I want to dive in and learn it all…but I know that I will get frustrated and not see it through. I look forward to spending some time on your website, and making a prayer/learning plan that will deepen my faith and bring me closer to God.

  • Rick

    Watched you on JH last night. Beautiful story. Oremus pro invicem

  • Susan Lyons

    Dear Marie, My husband and I watched you on Journey Home last night. Your journey touched our hearts. I am a convert to the Catholic faith many years ago and was baptized in the spirit 10 years ago which gave me such strength and courage to live my life as Christ centered. Thank you for your testimony and living with Jesus directing you…you use and present words that can guide many. May the grace of God continue to give you strength in all the glorious work you do.

  • Gordon

    Marie, boy did you strike some chords! Divorced and chaste is a counter-cultural lifestyle, but there are dividends! Five years into it, just last week I had the privilege of crying as I heard my 18 year-old daughter give her witness story on Catholic radio where she is in school. Through tremendous pain of a similarly undesirable situation, she’s acting as His hands and feet, inspiring many. Dad just did things like insist on not missing mass, praying daily, sharing what he was learning, and occasional Rosaries at Planned Parenthood. Once angry, she now thanks me. Now she’s on fire at school with leadership positions in Catholic Disciples and the the local pro-life ministry (among other things–she’s actually too busy for me to remember all that she does)–also living counter-culturally! It’s refreshing to see that my children can make different choices from the ones I made. God bless you for your work.

  • Sandra

    Marie, it was a great show. I am newly returned to Catholicism after a long absence, though I never said that I wasn’t Catholic when asked, nor did I give that boring response, “I am a recovering Catholic.” Somewhere within me, I knew I had left the good behind. I am an older single, unmarried, no kids. I was in a relationship with someone for 13 years, and that ended over two years ago. No way would I ever recommend the lifestyle I led to anyone, but it did lead me back to the faith, so I think it served a purpose. Prior to deepening my Catholic faith, I was involved with a number of New Agey sorts of practices, which have faded away with ease, quite frankly. I am grateful. And I am also grateful to you for your amazing testimony. Like you, I am learning to ask the question, “What does God want?” Don’t think I’ll go wrong with that one. God bless you!

  • Patti Day

    Marie, Really a great program. I had seen it when it aired previously and applaud the network for showing it again, as I’m certain there is a growing audience of young divorced Catholics who want to come home to the Church of their Baptism, but who don’t think they can live a chaste life. You are proof that it’s possible with the help of God. Thank you for being so brave.

  • judystefencavage

    Marie; loved watching you wMarcus Grodi: I have known you for several years and you have passed a lot of things to me, unknown to you I am sure. God speaks to me thru people and you are one who has had a lot to say!!!. Thank you Marie form the bottom of my heart.

  • Joseph Dawood

    I just watched it. Very inspiring. God bless you Marie and your family.

  • Michael Broderick

    Marie, great job on EWTN, very inspiring.

  • Sarah

    Marie, just watched the JH show on my iPad and found it so inspiring! You speak in such an honest, real, and down to earth tone. You are such a beautiful gift to the Body of Christ! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! God’s grace is so amazing!!! Thank you for helping those experiencing a crisis pregnancy!