Dec 18

Advent… a time to suffer?

In the midst of the Holiday Cheer it is easy to forget why we are truly here… at this time…in Advent

For Catholic Christians it is a mini Lent – a time to prepare to meet our Savior in the Child Jesus! 

The best way to prepare is to let go of ourselves, crucify our flesh and once again unite with Christ our King!

Our Jesus is the “Suffering Servant”  and to be like Him and with Him is to carry our Cross and follow Him right to Calvary!

So if we find ourselves at this time suffering in mind, body and or spirit let us rejoice that Our Lord and God has deemed us worthy of sharing in His suffering and let us ask Him to do with it whatever pleases Him.

For we usually do not understand why we suffer and it seems meaningless, especially now when the world has already started celebrating Christmas with good food, drink and gifts!

But God, in His mercy and grace totally understands what our suffering is about and He knows it is for a greater good…

Look at Saint Joseph and how he struggled and suffered upon seeing Our Blessed Mother pregnant when he knew it wasn’t his baby!!!!

Can you just imagine that the news of this baby was not good at first but painful!!!

If Saint Joseph was allowed to suffer in spirit and mind – then how much more do you think we should be expecting to suffer when the Child Jesus is near!

May God bless you this Advent season with just what you need to get closer to Him who loves you!


  • Madeline

    I just write a post, but I guess it got deleted. I am new to this at 64. I shared that I know about
    Grace and Repentance. I shared that I need prayers as I am a returning Catholic who went very wrong, and now, I can’t come “Home” because I cannot receive Communion. It is very hard for me to be there, and I hope that I receive “by desire”. Pray for me. I also shared a thank you for your appearance on “The Journey Home”, which I watched on youtube last night at 4 AM. You are an inspiration to me.